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Whether you manage a small office building, a rental property, or an apartment building, you know the importance (and the difficulty) of achieving top quality building / dwelling maintenance. When everything works you and your occupants can feel a little more comfortable in your space. When something does go wrong, we prioritize urgent repairs, and come up with quick / effective solutions.


When chosen to handle your property maintenance, we make sure to take care of every square foot of your property. As a one stop shop we are a source of expertise, our well-trained and experienced team will perform the services you need, when you need them. Exceeding your expectations and freeing you to focus on your business.

Special service call pricing

My North County Handyman offers affordable service pricing. In many instances, if the fix is simple, there is no additional cost other than the service call.  

Budget Management 

 Maximize your property maintenance budget. We are your one stop shop for professional maintenance technicians, efficient / quick estimates,and accurate / timely invoices. We take a proactive approach to property maintenance to keep your facilities running at optimum efficiency.

General service repairs 

My North County Handyman makes it simple to deal with tenant repairs. Once an issue occurs it is as simple as texting or emailing the tenant information and a brief description of the repair needed. We contact the tenant directly and schedule the repair.

Move-in ready preparations 

We are licensed California contractors ready to prepare your property for a new tenant. We handle everything from patching holes, painting, yard maintenance, flooring and carpet installations, windows, and much much more... One-Stop-Shop!

Benefits of streaming your maintenance

When you outsource your property maintenance to us, you gain the freedom that comes from streamlining your vendor relationships. We have the expertise, capability, and resources to consistently manage every element of your property maintenance.


Invoicing & Payment

You will receive an invoice for every transaction made. We accept credit, debit, cash, or checks (checks accepted after some completed transactions)


I would like to learn more about the services offered.

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